Braun Strowman Vs Roman Reigns & Samoa Joe WWE RAW 24 July 2017

Braun Strowman Vs Roman Reigns & Samoa Joe WWE RAW 24 July 2017

Braun Strowman interfered with a week ago’s match to decide the SummerSlam adversary for WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar. Point says he has chosen that Lesnar will confront… the music interferes with Angle and out comes Strowman walking to the ring. Braun says the following words out of Angle’s mouth better be his name or something bad might happen. Braun says he won his match at Great Balls of Fire, not at all like Samoa Joe or Roman Reigns. Braun says he doesn’t fear Lesnar, Lesnar fears Braun. Braun says he will soften Lesnar up half and turn into the following champion at SummerSlam.

The music hinders and out comes Joe next. Joe is here to make this truly basic for Angle and Braun. Joe says luckily for Braun, they haven’t run into each other much since Joe arrived. Joe acquaints himself with Braun, as the man who subdued The Beast and came extremely close to putting him to rest. Joe says he is the man that does not fear Lesnar. Also, he certainly does not fear Braun.

Joe says the main reason he’s not thumping Braun’s teeth out for what he did a week ago is on the grounds that he simply prevented Reigns from losing to him for the third straight time. Joe discloses to Angle that we should let Braun and Roman handle their business at SummerSlam however Angle needs to give The Beast to Joe. Rules’ music hits next and out he comes. Rules says Joe hasn’t done anything around here, neither has Braun. Reigns says in 5 years he’s been a Tag Team Champion, a United States Champion and a three-time WWE Heavyweight Champion.

Rules says he’s won the Royal Rumble, been a piece of 5 WrestleMania and 3 of those he primary evented. The last one he resigned The Undertaker. Rules asks what Joe and Braun have done here. He’ll hold up… that is the thing that he thought, they haven’t done anything yet. Rules says now we should demonstrate the world what he’s going to. Edge gets in the middle of everybody. He says they all make legitimate focuses, that is the reason he’s altered his opinion once more. Edge declares Joe versus Rules versus Braun versus Lesnar for a Fatal 4 Way at SummerSlam. Gracious it’s actual, it’s damn valid.

Point’s music hits and he goes to leave yet Joe stops him. Joe isn’t cheerful. Point says we’re done here. Joe says he’s the main man who ought to get a shot. Braun couldn’t care less what number of individuals are included, all he thinks about is heaping bodies. Rules advises Braun to quiets down and decks him. Braun gets them both however Joe and Reigns twofold group him out of the ring. The attack proceeds until the point when Braun gets thumped over the boundary.

Joe with a shameful move to Reigns as they go at it now. Joe brings it into the ring. Braun winds up coming in and abusing Reigns, hurling him. Braun goes for Joe however security hits the ring. Braun obliterates them all and hurls one person high noticeable all around, making him hit the floor hard. Joe goes for Braun and applies the Coquina Clutch. The locker room discharges out however they can’t get Joe to break the hold. Rules lances Braun and Joe and a couple of Superstars who were standing out. The ring exhausts as Braun plants Reigns with a major powerslam and stands tall as his music hits.

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