Goldberg & Roman Reigns Attack Braun Strowman

The giant Braun Strowman taken down by double spear delivered by Roman Reigns and Goldberg at WWE Monday Night Raw. WWE building excitement for the next upcoming pay per view event i.e Royal Rumble 2017. This event is going to be happened on 29th of January. Watch Goldberg & Roman Reigns Attack Braun Strowman.

Goldberg & Roman Reigns Attack Braun Strowman


Goldberg & Roman Reigns Attack Braun Strowman with Double Spear

WWE universe is building up excitement for upcoming pay per view event of Royal Rumble. Royal Rumble is considered as most awaited event of the year. Past Monday Night RAW was also used to built roles and stories for Royal Rumble. Seth Rollins defeat Kevin Owens with disqualification which enforce Owens to stay away from ringside during the match between Jericho and Roman for United States Championship. Roman Reigns retains his title by spearing Jericho. After this in Kevin Owens’ show, Goldberg and Roman Reigns attack Braun Strowman with a double spears which took the monster down. This was a rear incident to see the monster Strowman down. Braun Strowman is considered as a tough and favorite wrestler for Royal Rumble 2017.

This will be the 30th release of Royal Rumble, which is fitting. The main Royal Rumble was a broadcast link occasion in 1988, including a 20-man over-the-top-rope Rumble. It turned into a PPV with a 30-man coordinate the year after. In 1992, the match was for the cleared WWF Championship. After that, it turned into a match for an ensured WrestleMania title shot. That is, with the exception of 2016, where the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was at stake. While it’s seemingly the Pay Per View to look forward the most every year, it’s otherwise called the principal stop on the Road to WrestleMania.

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