Roman Reigns brother Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i passes away

Roman Reigns brother and former WWE tag-team champ Matthew ‘Rosey’ Anoa’i dead at 47.

Roman Reigns brother Matt “Rosey” Anoa’i passes away

More About Matt :

Matthew Anoai usually known as Matt Anoai is a child of acclaimed wrestler Sika Anoai and sibling of WWE genius Roman Reigns. He was conceived on April 7, 1970 at Samoa. He played football nearby Emmitt Smith in secondary school Pensacola. He played football for Hawaii however he needed to play in National football alliance. Amid playing football for Hawaii he got leg harm and afterward he cleared out football. Before choosing to make profession in wrestling he worked in different Nightclubs. At that point he chose to make name in wrestling.

He got preparing in Wild Samoan expert school alongside his cousin Eddie fatu.This wrestling school was worked by Anoa’I family. He was prepared by his dad and uncle. In the wake of finishing his preparation he contended in Afa’s World Extreme Wrestling (WEW).In mid of 1990’s he contended in different advancements and won many label group titles. He marked WWE in 2001 and was allocated to Heartland Wrestling Association (HWA).Here he played with the ring name Rosey. He took an interest in Tag group title with Fatu and Duo and won HWA Tag group title. He and Fatu were known as Raw Rosters.

They got through the positions together and were known as 3_minute Warning. The he framed another group tag with The Hurricane Shane Helms and won World Tag Team Championship. He again discharged from his WWE contract in March 2006.He proceeded with his wrestling vocation by showing up in a few free advancements.

Presently he is running Epic Championship wrestling in Florida with his dad. He is hitched to Mandy Vandenberg (ex) having two children and a girl. Other than wrestling he is running an eatery Island Boi BBQ.Matt Anoai was hospitalized because of congestive Heart disappointment in 2014.

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