Roman Reigns Family Complete Detail With HD Photos

Roman Reigns Family is composed of the famous WWE superstars. Such as The Usos and The Rock are also his cousins. Now you knew it well that why three of them often appeared as team in ring. They rarely appeared as team in the ring as they are trying their best for saving each other’s family ties. The Usos belong to Roman Reigns Family and is made up of Jimmy and Jay Usos, they are twin brothers but this close relationship doesn’t refrain them from fighting against each other in the ring. This has been seen on screen when Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns Were Tag Team Champions they defeated The Usos for defending their title in 2013 and they hold that for five months. For knowing more interesting facts and renowned family members of Roman Reign Family read this post fully.

Roman Reigns Family

Roman Reigns Family Details

Roman Reigns Famous Anoa’i Family

Roman Reigns belong to the famous Anoaʻi Family, belonging to American Samoa. Roman Reigns Family is a family of impressive professional wrestlers all over the world. Marvelous Family members hold several tag teams and stalls within a variety of promotions. Renowned members of the family are Rikishi, Yokozuna, Roman Reigns and Usos. This family encompassing of various WWE Hall of Famers and champions as well as currently dethroned WWE Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns. Reigns, whose real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i proved to be one of the WWE’S biggest names and his linking to wrestling has been a key part of his athletic life from the time he his childhood up until now.

Roman reigns Family evolves from the founders of the family named Elder Reverend Amituana’i Anoa’i and his wife Tovaleomanaia Leoso Ripley. They had seven sons, Tumua, Anoa’i (Jr.), Arthur (Afa), Leati (Sika), Tusipa, Peteroni, Fasito’o. They have four daughters, Sina, Elevera, Nita (Initalia) and Matalima. Roman’s father Sika, was one of wrestling’s most inspirational, outstanding and persistently dominant tag team member. While Reigns is closely related to various current WWE superstars.

Roman Reigns Family

Roman Reigns Family – Galina Becker and JOJO

Roman reigns Family is no longer limited to famous Anoa’i family but it has expanded. Reign expanded this by adding his own impressive family. In fact, the star totals his stats as Dad, as per him it’s supreme part of his career. This part of the Roman Reigns family consists of his wife Galina and daughter JOJO. Roman Reigns and Galina Becker got engaged on February 26, 2012.During rehabbing of injury, in 2014 reigns took time to marry her beloved fiancée Galina Becker. They have a cute daughter named Joelle, whom they called” jojo”. Jojo was a major part of this marriage.

Power house of WWE is also a kind and affectionate father. Joelle Anoa’i the daughter of Roman Reign and Galina Becker was born in 2008.They affectionately calls her Jojo. Roman Regin is a stable family man to whom family is immensely important and Roman Reigns tattoo is enough to prove that how loving Dad and family man he is. Roman Reigns Wife HD Photos

Roman Reigns Family

Roman Reign Family and Tattoo Mystery

Roman Reigns Tattoo is representative of his immense love for his family. Tattoo was created by legendary tattoo artist Michael Fatutoa aka while Roman was at WWE training facility in Tampa. If you looked at it, it stretches directly from its jacket from right shoulder. The main and most impressing thing in his tattoo is a small turtle at its sleeves. Roman Reigns Tattoo is for his little daughter JOJO.Romas’ tattoo seems totally different from others.

Roman’s has bold Polynesian tattoo that has a deep meaning. So Meaning behind Roman’s tattoo is: While answering a question asked by an interviewer about his tattoo, he said “For me you know…! I like something that show strength, a super strong thing that symbolizes strength. You know as a man and as a father why we need to be strong, there is a reason why we need to be tough, we need to be strong, we have to protected and provided because I am protecting. This is a turtle symbolizing JoJo”. So the Roman’s tattoo symbolizes strength as a man and protection for his beloved princess and wife. The small turtle in Roman tattoo represents protection for her princess as in the Roman Reigns Family  Samoan culture turtle symbolizes family, wellness, longevity and peace.

Roman Reigns Family

Roman Reigns and The Rock

Roman Reigns Family is the Famous Anoa’i family,well one of its most well-known members happens to be Dwayne Johnson that is commonly known by his ring name The Rock. Yes that’s true. Roman Reigns and The Rock are related related to each other.So let’s reveal up this family bonding quickly. Peter Maivia was well-thought-out to be blood brothers of Reigns father’s father .That creates a family connection that allowed Afa and Sika (Reigns’ father) to regard Maivia as their uncle. Maivia gone married with Ofelia “Lia” Fuataga who already had a daughter named Ata .Maivia eventually adopted that daughter.Ata then married wrestler Rocky Johnson and the couple gave birth to their son name Dwayne Jhonson generally known as The Rock. So simply in short words The Rock and Roman Reigns for all aims and determinations are cousins.

Roman Reigns Family

Roman Reigns And The USOS

The Rock isn’t Roman Reigns only renowned family member in Roman Reigns Family. The Usos are also Reigns’ cousins (nephews). And you always amazed that if they are relatives than why these three rarely teamed up with each other on ring side trio. Well they were saving each other’s family ties. The Usos is combo of twin brothers Jimmy and Jey that are close enough to reigns but that hasn’t stopped them from fighting occasionally. As a fact when Reigns and Seth Rollins were a tag team in 2013 they held the belt for five months they beaten Usos too for defending their title. Yeah that shows family is important, but so is winning.

Roman Reigns Family

Roman Reigns Family

Roman reigns Family includes splendid Anoa’i lineage that’s showing how this Samoan family has ruled sports entertainment for over the past 50 years. Here arises a question that Will they ever stop? The answer? Probably not. Roman Reigns is famous for hitting hard and hitting at right time to be the king of ring. But aside from ring he is the most stable family man in all of sports. He is the most public admired wrestler. Fans like him not only for his performance but for his kind and helping nature; women like him for his dashing personality even children admire him a lot. So fans want to know all about such an admired and loved person, all about his life, career and personal life.

So Roman Reigns Family is one those aspects that fans eager to know and today we have revealed it in Roman Reigns Family post. Hope you liked it.


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