Roman Reigns Injury Report after Braun Strowman beatdown on Raw

Braun Strowman Puts Roman Reigns in an Ambulance – WWE Raw 26 June 2017

Roman Reigns is badly hurt by Braun Strowman on last Monday night Raw. The preliminary Roman Reigns Injury Report showed that

“Roman Reigns apparently has ‘internal injuries, cracked ribs, and a possible separated shoulder”.

According to Micheal Cole

“Luckily, they were able to get another ambulance that transported Roman Reigns to a medical facility nearby and we just received a preliminary report, this is very preliminary right now, but Roman Reigns apparently has suffered cracked ribs, internal injuries, and a possibly separated shoulder. I guess we say thank god that that’s all that Roman Reigns suffered.”

Roman Reigns Injury Report

Roman Reigns Injury Report

A week ago it seemed Roman Reigns was moving far from the thoughtful babyface character as he was by all accounts totally owning his annihilation of The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Today around evening time, nonetheless, WWE totally went the other bearing when they had Braun Strowman damn close kill The Big Dog live on Raw.

Roman was hindered amid his meeting with Michael Cole when his previous foe trapped him and sent him through dividers and tables in the backstage region before hammering his head with a moving container. Once the WWE security watches at last could get Roman on a stretcher, Strowman chose to divert the stretcher clean from the stacking slope … with Roman Reigns still on it.

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