Roman Reigns One vs All Match

Roman Reigns One vs All Match at monday night RAW. Roman Reiegns competes with 12 wwe superstars.

Roman Reigns One vs All Match


Roman Reigns One vs All Match

Roman Reigns advanced toward the ring, anticipating his destiny as uncovered by Vince and Stephanie McMahon.

Kevin Owens, Sheamus, Tyler Breeze, Alberto Del Rio, Stardust, The Ascension, The Wyatt Family and The New Day all stalked toward the ring, 14 Superstars anxious to satisfy the supervisor and take out Reigns in front of January 24’s Royal Rumble coordinate.

Owens began the match and controlled the session heading into business, much to the pleasure of the Chairman and his little girl.

Once more from the break, Owens wore out Reigns with a Cobra Clutch, attempting to keep Reigns from having the chance to fight some other Superstar. A superkick proceeded with Owens’ predominance over the WWE champion.

The Cannonball undermined to put Reigns away, yet the gutsy champion shot his shoulder off the tangle at two.

Rules mounted a rebound, however, propelling himself with a major clothesline to put Owens down.

The Ascension attempted to meddle yet ate a Superman Punch. Tyler Breeze was power-shelled and Speared as Reigns inquired as to whether that was all McMahon had. Alternate Superstars hit the ring and beat Reigns while The Wyatt Family stood inertly by at ringside.

Brock Lesnar’s music detonated over the PA framework, and The Beast Incarnate advanced toward the ring.

He tore through the heels one by one preceding it came down to him and Reigns.

Lesnar traded a glare with the McMahons, then planted Reigns with the F5 to finish off the show.

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