Roman Reigns Returns and Destroy Braun Strowman at Monaday Night RAW

Roman Reigns returns attacked Braun Strowman On Raw Live 8 May 2017

Roman Reigns returns attacked Braun Strowman

Roman Reigns Returns at Braun Strowman vs. Kalisto

We recover a glance at the current Dumpster Match before Braun Strowman advances toward the ring with one of his arms in a sling. Braun holds up as Kalisto makes his passage.

Braun takes the mic before the ringer and says Dean Ambrose should be co-GM today around evening time yet he can push it. Braun says he’s not tolerating this match since he’s harmed and in light of the fact that Roman Reigns is a pitiable weakling that won’t confront him. The chime rings yet Braun floors Kalisto with a major boot. Braun takes Kalisto to the corner and empties with boots. The music hinders and out comes Reigns to a major blended response. Braun turns his regard for the phase as Reigns comes exiting.

Rules walks to the ring with his shoulder and ribs secured. They gaze each other down. Rules ventures up onto the smock and afterward enters the ring as fans boo him. Braun charges yet Reigns nails his harmed arm. Rules with two Superman punches. The third thumps Braun off his feet. Braun moves to the floor to withdraw. Rules circles the ring for a lance yet Braun boots him. Braun charges yet Reigns moves and Braun hits the ring post. Rules empties on the harmed arm and thumps the sling off.

Rules wraps Braun’s arm around the post and keeps up the assault. Rules hammers the arm into the cook’s garment now. An official asks Reigns to back off. A “Roman sucks” serenade begins up. Reigns snatches a steel seat and smacks Braun in the arm. Rules with another seat shot into the steel steps. Rules with another seat shot as Braun retreats to the back. Reigns stands tall in the ring with a seat as his music plays. Rules hits the corner to act like the blended response proceeds.


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