Roman Reigns Superstar of the Year 2014 Slammy Award Presentation

Roman Reigns is one of the best wrestler in WWE in current era. He has achieved many milestones throughout his career. WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Tag Team Championship, United States Championship, Royal Rumble Match and also Superstar of the Year 2014. Here is Roman Reigns Superstar of the Year 2014 Slammy Award Presentation Video. Listen to Roman and Enjoy.

Roman Reigns Superstar of the Year Award Presentation

Roman Reigns Superstar of the Year 2014

The 2014 Slammy Awards occurred amid the December eighth release of Monday Night RAW. For the second year in succession, WWE permitted the Universe to have their say and gave a discussion to them to vote on every classification, through the WWE application. While everybody has their own particular feeling on who ought to win, the most questionable one of the night, was Roman Reigns’ triumphant of the Superstar of the Year grant.


A few fans have taken to the web and hypothesized on this present honor’s legitimacy. As Reigns has been down and out throughout the previous couple of months because of a crisis hernia surgery, many are expressing that this particular honor may have been “settled,” to additionally push the whiz into headliner status. Rules just as of late ventured into singles activity after his Shield stable exploded this past spring; and many are asking why a whiz, who has done little in the ring independently, could catch the renown prize. Also the way that Reigns was one name among a rundown of colossal fan top picks, including breakout star Dean Ambrose and Daniel Bryan.

There has without a doubt been an inorganic push by the WWE in regards to Reigns, as they position him to be the following face of the organization. He has all the ideal attributes Vince McMahon cherishes: huge, muscle-like body, nice looking face, and great disposition. There’s dependably been an arrangement for Reigns and we as a whole recognize what it is: return, win the 2015 Royal Rumble, headliner WrestleMania 31, and leave with the title. Yet, would head office truly chance apparatus one honor, just to facilitate a push? Does a Slammy give that much respectability to legitimize him? Why fix one honor and chance getting uncovered?

Appears Legit

For one thing, WrestleNewz reported as of late that the WWE Slammy Awards were not fixed. Indeed, PWInsider affirmed that the majority of the champs were voted in from the WWE Universe. As indicated by the report, WWE’s application took in huge amounts of movement amid the voting, and every one of the outcomes depended on those votes. This is the second year that WWE has transformed the Slammys into a fan activity. Throughout the years, the classes have changed significantly to mirror certain times, and now and again whizzes won honors they didn’t merit, just to make another storyline. This all changed a year ago, when the WWE chose to give the honors out, in view of fans votes.

Roman Reigns Superstar

Roman Reigns Superstar of Year 2014

Presently, nothing is ever 100% in this world, yet whether you like Reigns or not; he has an enormous fan base. Also, whether fans like him in view of his ability, character, storylines, or the way that he is being pushed in their countenances – there are sufficient Reigns fans out there to possibly vote him in. I’m not proposing fans shouldn’t address why Reigns won, since he hasn’t done anything excessively critical this year as an individual contender (for the most part as a result of his hernia surgery). Still, as somebody who was singled out with Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins, and Ambrose by McMahon as a hotshot who is going after that metal ring; bodes well that fans would vote him in.

He gets a predictable response from live group when he turns out and a considerable measure are enthusiastically sitting tight for his arrival. I have been wavering with reference to regardless of whether Reigns would at present be making a course for gold come WrestleMania, in any case, by accepting this honor; he has without a doubt secured that Royal Rumble win, and his WrestleMania headliner minute.


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