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Roman Reigns is the top most loved  wrestler of WWE that urges the fans to hunt his professional as well as personal life information. The 31 year old WWE star’s relationship question is at tip tongue of his fans. Fans always want to know who is Roman Reigns wife / girlfriend /relationship. Well! Roman Reigns is married and is married to Galina Becker after having a string relationship since Georgia Tech College.The couple got married in December 2014 after having a long relationship. They have a seven year old daughter named Jolly Anoa’i to whom they called “JOJO” with love.

Since the couple goes their own way and always want to keep their relationship out of media. Here are some rare, interesting and might unknown information about Roman Reigns wife Galena Becker and their love story for their fans.

Roman Reigns Wife all Details

Galina Becker Birth Place:

Roman Reigns wife Galina Becker was born on 11 March 1987 in Jacksonville, Florida. She is the daughter of Kevin and Mildred Becker. She has two sisters Molisa Cooper and Undine Becker. Whereas, Roman Reign was born on May 25, 1985 in Pensacola, Florida, United State. Pensacola is about five hours away from Jacksonville.Galina attended her high school “Mt.Pleasent” from 2001-2005. Here she learnt track and field. Whereas Roman Reigns passed her high school from Catholic school Pensacola where he played match for 3 years and was awarded as Defensive Player by Pensacola. Now question is where the couple met?

Roman Reigns wife

Roman Reigns wife

Where the couple met?

Whenever we talked about any love story the first question that hits mind is always where the couple met? Same is the question their fans want to know about them. Here is the complete answer. The gorgeous couple met at Georgia Institute of Technology where they both were students. Here Roman Reigns was not a wrestler but a marvelous football player of Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Team.

Galena too has athletic background as she was involved in track and field since high school. She continued track and field at Georgia Tech.She performed at Georgia Tech Invitational during 2005-2006, running 14.92 in the 100 meter high hurdle. She also played volley ball for one season.

Roman Reigns wife

Roman Reigns wife

Both Reign and Becker majored in management at Georgia Institute Technology. Here the developed feelings for each other and developed a relationship. In an interview with Renee Young Roman Reigns said:

“When we first met we were just having fun,” Reigns said. “And we were kind of like glued to each other and just not having a care in the world or [worrying] about anyone but us, but I’m a grownup now.”

Marriage Ceremony:

The gorgeous couple Roman Reigns and Galena Becker got engaged on 26th February 2012 .But they tried their knot after a long relationship in December 2014, two years after their engagement. But the most interesting thing about their marriage was their daughter JOJO Anao’i that was also the part of their marriage ceremony. The marriage ceremony took place at Disney Castaway Cay, a private island in the Bahamas. This island is owned by The Walt Disney Company. The couple was having white bridal dress. Even her daughter JOJO was dressed white. The gorgeous couple while going with Disney theme had a wedding song “A Whole New World” from Aladdin. Roman Reigns was out of WWE when the marriage ceremony took place due to an incarcerated hernia.

Roman Reigns wife

Roman Reigns wife

Roman Reigns in having an interview with Renee Young said that there is no secret of happy life except to understand how to care and how to give and take and this is the toughest part. Reigns went on to say that there’s no secret to a good romance and that it’s hard work.

Both Reigns and his wife are having a happy married life. Roman Reigns always stand beside her wife and the cute daughter JOJO completed his family as well as matrimonial life. Galina has played an important role in keeping her family united and happy. Wishing the gorgeous couple happy and prosperous life.

Mystery of Roman Reigns and Galina Love Story:

There is always a bit of mystery in Roman Reigns and Galina Becker love story. Many rumors stated Roman Reigns relation with Paige and they broke up. After that rumor, the name of Roman Reigns wife /girlfirend became major question for his fans, as he had a long relationship with Galina Becker. But before anyone could make any guess Roman Reigns announced his wedding date with her college sweet heart Galina Becker on December 2014.Now they are happy married couple having a little cute daughter Joelle Anoa’i whom they called JOJO with love.

Roman Reigns wife

Roman Reigns wife

More Interesting Facts about Roman Reigns Wife:

WWE Superstar Roman Reigns is married to her college sweet heart after having a long relationship in December 2014.The couple is having a happy married life. The met at Georgia Institute of Technology, where they both were getting major in management. We are familiar with RR athletic background but interesting thing is that Roman Reigns wife has athletic background too. Here are some more interesting and rare facts about Roman Reigns wife:

  • She is an excellent athlete and held the central coast section record in triple jump.
  • She also played volleyball for one season.
  • She won the best outdoor season mark of 38’2.75” at Auburn Tiger Classic in the triple jump.
  • She was placed 13th in triple jump in ACC Championship in her last college athlete session.
  • Galina performed at the Georgia Tech Invitational by running 14.92 in the 100-meter high hurdles.
  • She was also a fitness model for some time and also had some other projects.
  • She gets a surgery which was negatively feed backed.
  • She has a stunning height of 5-7 and belongs to high class.

She is a proud mom and wife and is spending happy marriage life.

Roman Reigns wife

Roman Reigns wife

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  • These were all the rare and might unknown facts for you about Roman Reigns wife Galina Becker and their love story.

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