The Shield competes in a 11-on-3 Handicap Match

The Shield competes in a 11-on-3 Handicap Match on RAW 14 April 2014

The Shield competes in a 11-on-3 Handicap Match

The Shield competes in a 11-on-3 Handicap Match

Rollins begins the match against Jimmy. Usos conveys a good punch then gets Ziggler. Ambrose gets the tag. Ziggler is upheld into the corner and is met with a couple slashes. Roman gets the tag and chips away at Dolph in the corner. Rollins returns and steps on the hand of Dolph. Ambrose comes in as The Shield keeps on secluding their adversaries. Dolph hits a dropkick that gives him a chance to tag in RVD. Victimize misses a Rolling Thunder. Ambrose is hit with a kick. RVD interfaces with a couple bear pushes yet misses after the cartwheel. Ambrose hits his DDT complete and sticks RVD. Van Dam has been disposed of.

Kofi Kingston is in the ring with Dean Ambrose. Kofi’s arm is vigorously swathed after his experience with Alberto Del Rio prior at night. Kofi hits a crossbody and tries to make a tag. Ambrose keeps him down and afterward drops him to the tangle. Ambrose conveys a DDT and pins Kofi.

Kofi Kingston has been out.

Titus roll in from behind and tries to exploit. In spite of being found napping Ambrose picks up his bearing and labels in Roman Reigns. Roman avoids a boot and hits a gigantic lance.

Titus O’Neill has been disposed of.

Justin Gabriel comes in and conveys one kick before being Speared.

Justin Gabriel has been disposed of.

Zack Ryder flies in and really thumps Roman down in the corner. Roman counters a Broski Boot into a Spear.

Zack Ryder is dispensed with.

Daniel Bryan comes in and turns the tide. He thumps Ambrose and Rollins off the cook’s garment and afterward wallops towards Roman. He conveys a running kick. Jimmy labels himself in and thumps Roman down to the tangle. Jey gets the tag and trips to the top rope. He jumps and conveys a sprinkle on his relative. Roman Reigns has been stuck without precedent for his WWE profession.

Roman Reigns has been wiped out.

Ambrose gets the tag as the show profits and works for Darren Young. Rollins comes into give Ambrose a short rest. Ambrose gets a minute to accumulate his considerations and returns into the match. Darren Young tries to bring him out with a Northern Lights Suplex and crossing over stick. Ambrose kicks out. Youthful tries to move up Ambrose however Rollins labels himself in. Rollins separates the stick by jumping into the ring and covers Young.

Darren Young has been dispensed with.

Dolph Ziggler comes in for his group and tries to work the activity in the corner. Rollins stumbles into the base turnbuckle. Ambrose gets the tag and steps at the hashtag heel. Ambrose sends Dolph into the corner and after that conveys a punch, a couple head-butts and a couple kicks. Senior member Ambrose lifts Ziggler up on his shoulder. Ziggler hurries free and hits the Zig Zag.

Senior member Ambrose has been dispensed with.

Rollins flies into the ring and is dwarfed five to one. Rollins tries to keep Ziggler far from his corner. He endeavors a couple stifles and covers however nothing has demonstrated effective. Dolph hits a DDT and Rollins falls limp. R-Truth gets the tag and he dashes into the ring. He turns around for an elbow and pummels Seth to the tangle. Cover, yet Seth kicks out. Rollins evades a Leg Scissor and control steps Truth into the tangle.

R-Truth has been eliminated.

The rest of the adversaries encompass the ring, impersonating the well-known strategy of The Shield. They all charge in without a moment’s delay and empty on Rollins. Ambrose and Reigns keep running into make the spare however are thumped to the outside by The Usos and Ziggler. The Usos fly out of the ring in a state of harmony over the top rope to additionally annihilate the killed Shield individuals. Bryan and Rollins are the lawful men and the main men left inside the ring. Bryan heads to the top rope. He jumps for a major headbutt. Bryan directs his arms up into the air to insult the group. He flies over the ring and uses his knee to thump the face clean up of Seth Rollins.

The Shield competes in a 11-on-3 Handicap Match on RAW 14 April 2014

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