The Shield vs. Evolution No Holds Barred Elimination Payback Full Match

The Shield vs Evolution No Holds Barred Elimination Payback 2014 Full Match.

The Shield vs Evolution No Holds Barred Elimination Payback Full Match


The Shield vs Evolution No Holds Barred Elimination

Ring commentator focused on that there were no exclusions or tally outs. The groups fought at ringside promptly. Orton worked over Rollins, Reigns showed signs of improvement of Batista, and Hunter roughed up Ambrose.

The groups come back to the ring. Roman begun with Batista and it sunk into a conventional six-man label coordinate, which was somewhat ungainly considering how it began. The match was genuinely passerby, and afterward the group pepped up a bit when Reigns and Triple H entered the match to face each other.

The Shield utilized snappy labels while working over Hunter. There was a long extend with Hunter and Ambrose and after that both men labeled out at 14:20, making Reigns and Batista the legitimate men. Rules got Batista with a kick from the floor and afterward nailed him with the superman punch. Rules secured Batista, yet Orton separated the stick. Cole said Orton spared the match and after that immediately redressed himself to state he spared the end.

Another huge fight broke out. Rules kept on fighting with Batista close to the ring while the others battled far from ringside. Seeker hit Rollins with “something metal” per JBL. Rules begun to dismantle the Spanish declare table, however Orton returned and struck him from behind. Seeker joined his partners and ran Reigns’ shoulder first into the ring steps.

The Evolution individuals collaborated for a Triple Powerbomb that drove Reigns through the Spanish communicate table. The hosts noticed that there still couldn’t seem to be an end. The Evolution individuals remained over Batista and set up their clench hands together for a Shield-like stance, yet Rollins and Ambrose returned and made separate plunges onto the trio. Advancement showed signs of improvement of Ambrose and Rollins close to the stage while Reigns kept on offering the table spot.

Triple H grabbed a seat and pummeled it over the back of Ambrose. Orton set up a seat and afterward dropped Ambrose onto it. Triple H caught up with a Pedigree on Rollins onto a seat. The three Evolution individuals made a beeline for the ring, where Reigns was bowing on each of the fours. The Evolution individuals encompassed Reigns, who returned to his feet.

Rules kept running at Batista, who put him down with a spinebuster. The Evolution trio evacuated the vest of Reigns. The ring steps were set up amidst the ring and after that Orton slid kendo sticks in also. They pummeled Reigns’ head onto the means and afterward pulled him over the ring steps. Every one of the three Evolution individuals alternated hammering kendo sticks over the back of Reigns, who let out shouts with each blow. The camera moved into demonstrate the welts.

Rules figured out how to hit the Superman punch on Orton, yet Hunter and Batista immediately recovered control. They went to ringside, where Hunter hammered a seat over the back of Reigns. They conveyed him to the passageway territory. Ambrose kept running at the Evolution individuals, yet they brought him down rapidly. Orton set him up on a bit of lighting hardware and played out a Hanging DDT. Cole asked how Evolution would win on the off chance that they didn’t dispose of anybody. JBL said they couldn’t have cared less in regards to winning, they needed to end vocations.

All of a sudden, Rollins was demonstrated remaining at the base of the wide screen. Rollins dove onto every one of the three Evolution individuals for a major fly. They all made a beeline for the ring. Rollins jumped off the second rope and Batista got him with a lance. Batista gotten Rollins and went for a Batista Bomb, however Rollins disappeared. Rules returned and skewered Batista, then Rollins stuck Batista. Batista was dispensed with by Rollins.

Orton hit the RKO on Rollins and secured him, yet Reigns split it up. Orton followed Reigns, who was hung up in the ropes. Ambrose hit Orton with a seat and afterward perofrmed Dirty Deeds onto the seat and stuck Orton. Orton was dispensed with by Ambrose.

Triple H low-blowed Ambrose. Seeker set up for a Pedigree, yet Reigns split it up, just to be skewered by Batista. The fans booed Batista. Orton gave Triple H his heavy hammer that was under the ring. Ambrose kept running at Hunter and was hit with the heavy hammer. Seeker lurched around a bit and was then hit by a flying knee off the top rope from Rollins, then Reigns skewered Triple H and stuck him. Shield vs Evolution was a great rivalry.

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