Survivor Series 2016 Predictions WWE 2k17 Match

Reigns vs. Sheamus – Mr. McMahon Guest Ref

Survivor Series 2016 Predictions WWE 2k17 Match

Survivor Series 2016 Predictions

Accepting neither of the title matches result in another champion — and that Raw and SmackDown split the ladies’ and label group end matches — the main consider who leaves Survivor Series 2016 as the predominant brand will come down to the Men’s Elimination Match. These sorts of matches are truly skirmishes of wearing down. That being the situation, both Braun Strowman and Chris Jericho are effectively nonessential individuals from Team Raw. While Jericho is past his prime, Strowman has yet to achieve his. On the blue group, there’s no purpose behind Shane McMahon to be a survivor in this match, and it appears to be likely that Randy Orton will turn on Bray Wyatt, wiping out both individuals from Team SmackDown.

Kevin Owens, stayed with two men he can’t remain in Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, could without much of a stretch choose to leave Team Raw. Also, giving the WWE Universe something they just get once in a blue moon, an astonish end of AJ Styles would leave only The Shield in the ring: Reigns and Rollins versus Ambrose. This consummation gives the Lunatic Fringe a colossal help of force driving into his headliner title coordinate at WWE TLC, and allows SmackDown Live to demonstrate they are Monday Night Raw’s equivalent, regardless of the possibility that that isn’t showed by the week after week appraisals.

Predicted Survivor: Team SmackDown

Brock Lesnar vs Goldberg

In the event that Goldberg left retirement and crushed Brock Lesnar — who was simply contending in top frame at UFC 200 a couple of months prior, before leaving Randy Orton a bloodied mess at SummerSlam it would debase everything Lesnar has done since he at the end of the day turned into a semi-customary supporter to WWE. As fans gained from the arrival of Sting in 2015, being a WCW legend doesn’t mean you’ll have an effective keep running in cutting edge WWE. Sting lost his match at WrestleMania 31 against Triple H and his title coordinate against Seth Rollins at Night of Champions. Goldberg shouldn’t expect a more effective keep running than Sting, particularly when he as of now has a major match triumph over Lesnar from WrestleMania 20.

Predicted Winner: Brock Lesnar

Survivor Series Women’s Elimination Match

After SmackDown Live just barely abstains from losing in the Tag Team Elimination Match, Monday Night Raw will react by commanding in the Women’s Elimination Match. While Charlotte absolutely isn’t making any companions on Team Raw, the enmity that exists between Nikki Bella and Carmella, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss, and even Naomi and Team Coach Natalya will simply be a lot for Team SmackDown to overcome. While Alicia Fox ought to be a simple disposal, search for Bayley to go down after a significant battle maybe in a twofold tally out circumstance. While the blend of Lynch and Bella may have a possibility all alone against Nia Jax, Charlotte, and Sasha Banks, the way that Alexa Bliss and Carmella have only awful expectations will some way or another outcome in Team Raw getting the chose triumph.

Predicted Survivors: Team Raw


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