WWE Backlash 2017 Complete Highlights HD

6-Man Tag Team Match Smackdown Live 13 June 2017

WWE Backlash 2017 Complete Highlights HD 21 May 2017

WWE Backlash 2017 Complete Highlights HD


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It was a fast ascent to the top for Jinder Mahal. Moved to SmackDown in the post-WrestleMania Superstar Shake-Up, he rapidly won a #1 contenders coordinate and risen with a changed persona… The Maharajah was here, rebuking America for its xenophobia and against intellectualism, supported by the comparably re-bundled Bollywood Boyz, now the Singh Brothers.

In as far-fetched a compensation for every view ¬†headliner as we’ve found in some time, Mahal squared off at Backlash against Randy Orton for the WWE World title.

The Viper didn’t sit tight for acquaintances with wrap up before he began tossing Jinder all around the ring zone. He pursued the Singhs and hurled Mahal through the report region before at long last moving him into the ring to formally begin the match.

It wasn’t greatly improved from that point forward, as Mahal was compelled to take off to maintain a strategic distance from an early RKO. At that point, Orton leveled him on the floor. A moment trip outside the ring at long last furnished the challenger with an opening, and when he flung Randy shoulder first into the cover, it finally resembled The Maharajah had a shot.

With the Chicago swarm really doing a 50/50 “We should Go Jinder”/”Jinder Sucks” serenade, the Viper recovered control and stepped Mahal’s appendages. The upstart reacted by snapping Orton’s shoulder once more, however even with one arm, Randy figured out how to pummel Jinder onto the declare work area.

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