WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Full Show Highlights

WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Full Show Highlights

WWE Extreme Rules 2017 Full Show Highlights


WWE Extreme Rules 2017

The offering purpose of Extreme Rules is the headliner, which will decide the following contender to Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship. Rules, Rollins, Balor, Wyatt, and Joe — the main five men’s stars of Raw — will fight for this open door.

There’s a case to be made for every one of the five Superstars winning this match and proceeding onward to confront Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire. In any case, there’s one who emerges the most.

In August 2016, Balor was slated to wind up plainly the primary ever Universal Champion. He got a transient push in his initial 30 days on the principle program to arrive, most remarkably sticking Roman Reigns clean on the main post-draft scene of Raw. This purchased the Demon a spot at SummerSlam to confront Rollins for the title.

At the point when Balor had his hand brought up in triumph at SummerSlam, he resembled the prompt face of Raw. That finished inside 24 hours, however, as he was compelled to surrender the title, because of a shoulder harm endured, amid the match.

After ten months, there’s a possibility for this story to end up at ground zero. Balor may not stand an opportunity to win back the title from Lesnar at Great Balls of Fire, yet it would bode well to in any event give the individual who never “lost” the title a reasonable shot at recovering it. It takes out the proviso of the previous NXT Champion never getting his rematch and sends him into the headliner scene for no less than one month.

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