WWE Roadblock 2016 Results and Complete Highlights

WWE RAW 29 May 2017 Highlights HD

WWE Roadblock 2016 Results and Complete Highlights

Big Cass vs Rusev

Rusev got an early enormous boot to the face, which constrained him outside of the ring. Back inside the ring, Cass kept severely thrashing his enemy. Rusev utilized his very own boot to at long last debilitate Cass, however his Superkick endeavor fizzled. Cass countered it, hammered him to the tangle and laid in his Empire Elbow. Cass hoped to take after that enormous climb, however Rusev got away from the ring and started going through the gathering of people. Cass tailed him outside, however Rusev tossed a couple strikes at him that diverted him. Lana and Rusev then consolidated their endeavors to drop Enzo, which prompted to Cass minding him. He was not able re-enter the ring before the ref’s tally, yet Rusev entered the ring in the nick of time to get the win.

Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens

When the bill rung, Owens crept to the outside while Reigns shouted at him to kick their match off. On the second time that Owens got away to the outside, Reigns met him and started getting a couple punches on him. They both got once again into the ring, yet it prompted to the outside yet again and prompted to both men striking each other over and again. Once the match got once more into the ring, Owens and Reigns at long last bolted up. Owens’ tight headlock endeavor was upset when Reigns brought Owens out with a scenery. Owens moved back to the outside, yet Reigns was there yet again to cut him off with more offense. Reigns  started setting up a report table for something important, yet Owens put a stop to whatever he was doing. Owens moved Reigns into the ring and handled his Running Senton on him appropriate in the inside. Owens appeared to be in control, yet Reigns returned to his feet and beat down Owens considerably more.

This made Owens withdraw (once more… ) to the timekeeper’s range. Rules went with the same pattern and grasped Owens. Owens soon showed signs of improvement of him by tossing him directly into the steel ring steps. Owens took after that up hitting his Senton Splash appropriate off the highest point of the ring steps. Owens at last tossed Reigns once again into the ring all alone and gained in power. Owens even figured out how to secure a tight accommodation hang on his now grounded enemy. At the point when Reigns contended energetically to get away, Owens transformed him directly into a neckbreaker and flipping leg drop. Owens then bolted his accommodation keep down in on Reigns. Rules got away yet again and even evaded Owens’ Senton Splash. Rules then entered directly into his rebound offense. WWE Roadblock 2016 Results

Rules hoped to arrive a Samoan Slam, however Owens took off of it and dropped him with a German Suplex. Owens hoped to land his Cannonball Splash, yet Reigns cut him off with a major boot lastly handled his Samoan Slam. Owens hung tight, however later on he got brought down with an all around set Superman Punch. Owens survived it, however. Both men got bolted onto the top rope, yet Reigns slipped off and returned running with another Superman Punch. Rules went for another enormous get off the top rope, yet Owens countered him with a top rope Fisherman Suplex. Rules survived the accompanying pin endeavor, however. WWE Roadblock 2016 Results.

Reins crept once again into the ring and instantly got with another Frog Splash. Owens hoped to land his finisher, yet Reigns countered it and dropped Owens with his own particular Sitdown Powerbomb. Rules motioned for his Spear, yet Owens booted him in the face lastly handled his Pop Up Powerbomb. However, it was still insufficient to take Reigns out. Owens got urgent and got his title to land something significant on Reigns, however Reigns skewered him all of a sudden. All of a sudden, Jericho ran out. He seemed as though he was set to bring down Reigns, however he focused on Owens with his Code Breaker. The match was then tossed out because of exclusion… WWE Roadblock 2016 Results

After the match, Rollins and Reigns delivered retribution on their adversaries. Rules skewered the hellfire out of Owens while Rollins cut Y2J off with another Pedigree. Jericho then ate a Shield Powerbomb through a report table. Owens then got a similar treatment through the declare table set up close to the stage region.


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